Burnout Star turns to Music for inspiration

By Theophilus Chuma

Losing a parent is a devastating experience, but for some, it can be a turning point and inspiration to embark on a new journey in life.

Renowned Burnout sensation, Yasin Ismail lost his father, and the pain seems to have inspired him to focus his energy into music.

For over a decade, Yasmin has been toughened through the adrenalin that comes with his line of work as a Burnout Star.

Many times, he has taken to daring moves, that have helped mentally prepare him for any hard situation in life, save for only one moment, the grief of losing a parent.

“I held him close to me as he asked for water at 1 am and those were the last moments that I had with him.”

It has been almost two weeks after the sad passing on of his father, yet tears gather at the corner of his eyes as he speaks into how his parent was an inspiration in his career.

In all this pain, the Burnout sensation is swapping the wheel for the microphone through a special dedication that educates children to honour their parents while they are still alive.

“Through this song, I want to teach children to know that fathers have a very special role to play in the growing up of their children. The things that we as fathers do are what our children grow up to become and through this song I encourage all parents to work hard for their children.”

The Burnout Star cum musician believes the Morning Star song has been a turning point for his life…..but is this a hint of him leaving the popping tyres and the adrenaline moments that have moulded his life…it may be a question for another day.

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