Bulilima Clinics: Diaspora led initiatives bear fruit

By Yolanda Moyo

Government has been impressed by Community led initiatives in Bulilima district of Matabeleland North Province and is now assisting with building schools and clinics in the area.

Villagers in Bulilima East have pooled resources together to build a clinic that will help reduce long distances travelled by healthcare seekers from as long as 30 kilometres.

The initiative, which is also being supported by community members in the diaspora, has seen the building of clinics in Somnene, Temateme, Gambo, Gwambe , Ngwana and schools in Ndiweni, Tjemahale, Huwana and Ntunungwe

“We are walking long distances and this is a burden of the old especially and pregnant women. Some times people were robbed on their way to the next clinic as we would start the journey very early morning,” said one villager.

“We started this initiative in 2013, where every household was contributing 500 rand with some struggling to contribute. Our children in the diaspora then came on board and helped us build. Our children based in the diaspora came to our aid as they have mobilised themselves and taken us to where we are now.

“The fruition of the projects is attributed mainly to the diaspora from these areas as they financed the initiatives to date as Bulilima district does not have a district hospital and is dependent on Plumtree district hospital.”

Government has since pledged to assist as part of the Second Republic’s development agenda.

“To prove that we are serious, we will start by developing this clinic plus one secondary school and one primary school, we are taking all the costs. This will be a model for all rural clinic of a flashing system,” said Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities Honourable Daniel Garwe.

The active involvement of the diaspora community in the initiative is clear testimony of how Zimbabweans abroad can contribute towards national development back home.