Bulawayo industries pin hopes on ZITF

By ZBC Reporter
WITH only a few days left before Bulawayo hosts the country’s biggest trade show, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, players in the local industry are looking forward to increasing viability and boost the country’s export earnings.
The 61st first edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) comes at a time when government has stepped up efforts to restore Bulawayo to its former glory as the country’s industrial hub.
Captains of industry are convinced the trade showcase which kicks off on the 21st this month will increase the visibility of the city’s industries on a global market.
“Platforms like the ZITF allow the opportunity for businesses to see that many of the products are manufactured locally thus enhancing the export market since a lot of players from across the globe are attending the tradeshow. Zimbabwe’s standards are excellent and we need the exposure especially after these long breaks so The ZITF is a perfect opportunity to create the foreign currency needed to retool local industries,” said the ZNCC Matabeleland Regional Chairman, Louis Herbst.
The fair also comes as some companies such as Monarch, Treger groups and Archer are already scaling up production.

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