Bulawayo hospitals still offer normal health care services

By ZBC Reporter

The Bulawayo community has been assured of continued health service delivery by the city’s major referral hospitals even under the current COVID-19 conditions.

This comes after United Bulawayo Hospitals is reported to attending 12 patients a day.

The drop in numbers was necessitated by the hospital being chosen for admitting COVID-19 patients in the city, thus people assuming that the health care centre is an epicenter of the novel corona virus.

The ZBC News crew in Bulawayo spoke to a health expert Professor Solwayo Ngwenya this Tuesday and assured people that hospitals are safe as measures put in place will ensure that there is no cross-infection at the hospital.

“What is happening in the hospitals is we have designated wards meant for admission of people when suspected of having corona virus. Extra measures are actually taken to make sure that infection is prevented from going to those people who are not positive. For example an isolated ward, it is better to have suspected cases in 1 ward,” he says.

“We want to encourage the public to continue visiting the hospitals despite having heard that there is a COVID-19 WARD. It does not mean that people have to die at home. For example, a patient with an appendix, they can be operated and go home without any infection.

“So the hospitals are continuing to offer the vital critical services such as maternity and emergency operations. People have to stop the stigma around Corona virus. In the hospital, people are actually safe rather than in the community,” he concludes.