Bulawayo: Government funds water challenges

By ZBC Reporter

The government has chipped in with funds to enable Bulawayo City Council to extract water from Nyamandlovu aquifers.

This comes after  council recently announced that there will be no access to tap water for almost a fortnight.

The latest development has seen residents rallying behind the “adapt or perish” call, as they face yet another uncertain future over the supply of the precious liquid.

Bulawayo residents had been challenged to adapt to the water situation, after concerns of climate change.

The water shortages in the city have been exacerbated by low rainfall in catchment areas due to climate change.

Bulawayo United Residents Association member, Mr Winos Dube, says “the impact of climatic change has hit us hard here in Bulawayo, as residents we need now to come up with conservancy initiatives like recycling in our domestic spaces.”

“Water conservation committees must be revived to ensure we see ourselves through this drought,” he adds.

However, Bulawayo residents who have endured water challenges for years have underscored the need to embrace well planned measures in finding a lasting solution.

A resident in the city says “unlike electricity, water has no substitutions; we need to think of possible ways of making sure that each drop lasts longer”

“As neighbours we can monitor water usage and minimise on things like gardening and car washing using municipality water.”