Bulawayo entrepreneurs collaborate to revive businesses

By Innocent Nxumalo

One of Bulawayo’s iconic shopping centres, Entumbane, is shaping up from the debris left by the destructive January 2019 protests, with government having provided funding.

The Chairperson for Cooperatives Union Mr Philip Mkhethwa says they have adopted a business revitalisation formula in the form of partnerships to complement the assistance they are getting from government.

“We have sought for partnerships to be up on our feet again. Those January looting left us on our knees, but we are happy to have forged synergies to complement help we have been getting from government,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Honourable Raj Modi reiterated government’s support to the revival and growth of businesses.

“The revival of shops is what we take seriously as government. As a government official and a business person from Bulawayo I have decided to take a leading role in capacitating these struggling entrepreneurs who suffered from January 2019 protests,” he said.

Financial disbursements from government have been key in the procurement of building material and restocking.