Bulawayo community calls for vigilance in the wake of recent increase of COVID-19 cases

By Zbc Reporter
The Bulawayo community has called for more vigilance, amid the recent upsurge of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city.
The news of rising COVID-19 cases in the city of Bulawayo has left the community in deep shock.
The Proportional Representative for People with Disabilities, Senator Watson Khupe said the impact of COVID-19 is likely to be severe especially to disadvantaged communities.
‘We have to embrace reality that this pandemic is upon us in Bulawayo. It’s high time we need to be on alert. However we need not to forget that this disease doesn’t discriminate. It knows no disability; hence the impact on people with disabilities is likely to be more painful. We thank and encourage the government to continue with its social support programmes,’ said Sen. Watson Khupe.
Bulawayo residents said they are yet to come to terms with the recent increase of confirmed covid-19 cases.
‘It’s high time for us to pray so hard. It’s so scaring; we are trying as much as possible to uphold safety measures advised by authorities,’ said Byo residents.
In response to the rising need in Bulawayo, the government has activated the National TB Reference Laboratory and Ekusileni Hospital in the city to improve on efficiency of the local Rapid Response Team.