Bulawayo commemorates unity day

By ZBC Reporter
UNITY Day remains an important rallying point for dialogue, providing lessons on how putting aside differences can help avoid conflict in the country.
The Unity Day commemorations in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province this Sunday were characterised by convergence of people from different political backgrounds, with the message being that unity sees no tribe or colour, and is blind to any forms of prejudice and hate.
A member of the National Peace Trust, Mrs Sekai Holland said Zimbabwe should be known for love, peace and unity.
“Zimbabwe is not founded on hate. We are loving. We have always been one people and shunned any form of tribalism or segregation,” said Holland.
Guest of honour at the commemorations, Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, Lewis Matutu said Unity Day commemorations provide a platform for deep introspection in ensuring all past wrongs are corrected.
“We must make sure we learn from the past. There were reasons that created past conflicts and as we dialogue we should be able to correct them and avoid any such repetition,” said Matutu.
To many, the mention of Unity Day may never be complete without the mentioning of the country’s two liberation struggle stalwarts, the late former President Robert Mugabe and the late Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo.