Bukalanga arts festival hosted online

By ZBC Reporter
THIS year’s edition of the annual United Kingdom Bukalanga arts festival where Zimbabweans from the ethnic group showcase their talent was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Some artists who performed include Isaac Maleyi, Ndigo Jowa from Botswana and Germany based Tanga Pasi.
The event is held annually in the United Kingdom with the main objective being to raise funds for development initiatives back home.
The festival organiser, Difa WaJapi says the idea behind the arts event is also to allow children born abroad to understand where they came from.
”We came up with this festival for our children who are born in the UK to know about their culture since most of them tend to forget about their roots.
”This year we held the festival online because of COVID-19. The day attracted a huge following as most people were tied up at work during the previous years, but with these COVID-19 restrictions, we had a number of people partaking in the festival,” he explained.
All proceeds generated at the festival are channeled towards carrying out various projects that are meant to promote the growth and development of Kalanga Language and culture.
”We managed to raise money for a college that will be built in Plumtree. On this project we are working hand in hand with our parliamentarians back home,” said Wajapi.
The event promotes and celebrates the Kalanga language and culture through a series of vibrant performances that include poetry, traditional music and dance including modern genres such as rhumba and gospel.
The event is organised by the Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association (KLCDA), who have been at the forefront of promoting the Kalanga culture and language.

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