Brisk business for florists as Valentine’s Day fever grips the nation

By John Nhandara

It was brisk business for florists as Valentine’s Day fever gripped the nation with red being the dominant colour among the love conscious.

While it comes with a cost – for the love-conscious what’s a dime?

“We give each other gifts on this day to show how much we love each other,” lovers said.

And for some the beat goes on even after Valentine’s Day.

Lilian Mudongo, who surprised her mother with a hamper full of goodies, believes Valentine’s Day is not only for couples but just a day of showing love and affection to each other.

“It is a day for showing love. Like myself, I have brought this hamper to surprise my mom who is standing over there. She is not even aware,” she said.

It was also a busy day at an uptown coffee and floral shop on the other side of the Harare central business district where people were collecting pre-ordered flowers for their loved ones.

A drive into town showed that it was also not business as usual for florists at the Africa unity Square as people jostled to buy flowers.

“People are coming and we hope many will come as the day progresses,” a florist said.

While some people may question the history of the Valentine’s Day, many seem to be intrigued by this annual celebration of love and affection.