Boarding school students travel back as first term begins this Monday

By ZBC Reporters

Various urban centres around the country were bustling with activity as boarding school students travelled back to their respective learning institutions ahead of the reopening of schools this Monday.

In Harare a refreshing atmosphere filled various pick up points such as the Showgrounds, with boarding school students waiting for their respective school buses.

A picture of hope was painted all over the students’ faces, whose dream is a successful academic journey.

“I am very happy to be going back to school as i had missed my friends,” said one student.

“I am happy and anxious at the same time as this is my final year so I need to work harder,” added another.

For the parents, it is a huge sigh of relief and their wish is nothing but the best for their young ones.

The send-off was emotional for some but still it is just goodbye for now – see you later.

Bulawayo was also a hive of activity as parents saw their children off to boarding schools after the long festive season break which was extended due to an upsurge in Covid-19 cases.

There is, however, a sense of hope among parents, that with COVID-19 cases going down lessons will not be disrupted again.

“We hope the teachers utilise this short term to the best of their abilities.You know when children are at home the environment is different. As a parent you can try here and there to guide them to study but it is difficult to monitor the. I feel as long as the teachers play their part our children will be able to catch-up,” said a parent.

Pupils were equally grateful that education is being given priority.

“We are very happy that we are finally going back to school to learn so that we can have a bright future.We are grateful to the government for prioritising our educational wellbeing through opening schools,” a student noted.

The students can also take comfort from the fact that Grade seven results released on Friday revealed an improvement in the pass rate despite COVID-19 disruptions.