Boarders head back to school

By Memory Chamisa

Boarders ushered the opening of third school term as they went back to their schools amid high enthusiasm for the last term of the year.

Loading of heavy luggage, hugs and small chatter summed up this Sunday’s back to school in Harare.

As per tradition, Zimbabwe grounds was the pickup point for most students travelling to their various schools across the country.

The candidates hope for the best as they go for the final lap with the juniors looking forward to a good diet.

“This is my final term at the school hopefully when the finals come I will be ready,” a student said.

“I’m happy that I have seen my friends and look forward to enjoying this term,” another said.

As for the parents they have played their part and expect good results when their children close schools.

“I have paid school fees, bought all the things needed and I expect my son to pass all his 11 subjects,” a parent said.

Another said, “I’m grateful to the headmaster for being understanding and allowing us to send our children with a payment plan in place.”

It’s back to school for the boarders.

And for others the journey has started with a break down, but hopefully they will soon be on their way.