‘Blame game stalls progress in fighting COVID-19 pandemic’

By ZBC Reporter

THE Zimbabwean government says Covid-19 should serve as a strong reminder of the importance of international solidarity as the World continues to grapple with the pandemic.

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, several conspiracy theories on the origins of the virus continue to be paddled on various fora.

However, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Ambassador Fredrick Shava says false information has sowed fear and divided people at a time when solidarity among all nations is key.

Blaming China is not the answer. China has been continually blamed for the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic as many distracters advance the hypothesis of a laboratory leak as the origin of the current global health crisis,he said.

Ambassador Shava emphasised the need to ditch conspiracy theories taking a leaf from the World Health Organisation (WHO) which has been on record saying no one is safe until all are safe.

WHO has highlighted two factors critical absolutely critical to successfully overcoming the virus, firstly the need for the entire international community to come together and in collaboration and the need for science to drive the global effort,he added.

Over 4 million people have succumbed to the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe.