Bishops take Covid-19 vaccine

By Health Editor, Abigirl Tembo

Leaders of various religious organizations have joined the country’s Covid-19 vaccination programme after being inoculated in Harare this Friday.

Church leaders from various Christian denominations this Friday received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at Wilkins hospital.

“l urge everybody to get the jab because prevention is better than cure. We all have to be vaccinated,” Zion Christian Church leader Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi.

“This is to inspire others to be vaccinated especially those who are being misguided by falsehoods that it is unChristian and against the word of God to be vaccinated I keep on saying the first vaccination was in Exodus 15 vs 26 when Moses was given a tree to vaccinate the water,” said Apostle Andrew Wutaunashe of Family of God.

Even apostolic sect leaders could not be left out.

“When we are in the rural areas we will be lying to each other that if you get the vaccine you will die so as a leader I saw it fit to lead by example so that my congregation will follow, we are urging everyone to follow suit and get this vaccination,” Bishop Kozanai Chikoshana of Zion Apostolic church Muisa said.

“Life is important so we should always protect ourselves that’s why I came here so that when I tell my followers to also get the jab they will believe me instead of following social media. Apostolic sects are well known for not going to clinics but us as Johane Masowe we encourage our members that’s why I am here,” said Madzibaba Spenlodge Madenyaka of Johane Masowe Yechishanu.

Meanwhile, some ZBC staff led by the Acting Chief Executive Officer Ms Helliate Rushwaya got their second jab this Friday.

“Today we got our second jab i haven’t had any side effects which is really good I think it makes me good and confident to encourage other Zimbabweans that it is important for us to get vaccinated,” said Ms Rushwaya.

As of last night, nearly 55 000 people had been vaccinated, with Zimbabwe having so far recorded 36 thousand 778 Covid-19 cases, one thousand 518 deaths and 34 thousand 555 recoveries.

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