Biogas project commissioned at Charumbira village

By Zbc Reporter
Biogas has been cited as an alternative source of energy for rural communities with a demonstration site having been set up in Charumbira village of Masvingo.
As part of efforts to reduce deforestation in rural areas, the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry has set up a biogas project as a demonstration site in the Charumbira community of Masvingo.
In an interview with Zbc news, Environmental Management Agency Manager for Masvingo Province, Mr Milton Muusha said biogas is an environmentally friendly renewable source of energy which can be used by rural communities for domestic purposes.
“This is a centre of excellence, and we want to train a lot of people in the rural areas on how to implement biogas energy in their homes,” said Milton Muusha…
The President of Chiefs Council, Chief Fortune Charumbira called for more biogas projects in the rural parts of the country as biogas requires readily available resources.
“We are very grateful for what the government has done for us. This source of energy is new and most people are not aware of this technology.” said Chief Charumbira.
Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and monitoring, implementation of government programmes, Dr Jorum Gumbo who was the guest of honour at the event, said the new dispensation encourages rural communities to make use of available resources for their own benefit.
“…the local communities if they can be educated, to make use of the kind of raw materials, this is what we think can improve peoples lives,” said Jorum Gumbo.
Masvingo Minister of State for provincial affairs and devolution, Cde Ezra Chadzamira noted that urban communities can also make use of biogas technology, given that most urban areas are facing electricity shortage challenges. “As we are looking at ways to save our forests, its best for communities to consider renewable sources of energies such as biogas,” said Chadzamira.
The biogas project was completed in December 2019 and it is worth 58 000 Zimbabwe dollars.
Biogas is a possible and alternative form of energy that can substitute traditional fuels like firewood and dried cow dung and is suitable for rural household cooking, heating and lighting. Biogas production through anaerobic digestion gives quality cooking fuel and a slurry output that can be used as a fertiliser. The National Domestic Biogas Programme in Zimbabwe is successfully developing a market-driven domestic biogas sector with over 150 biogas digesters having been constructed so far.