Binga school gets ablution facilities

THE Binga community which was benefitting from Nsungwale primary school has been given yet another chance to educate their children following the torrential floods experienced earlier this year.
With 286 pupils, 125 being males and 161 females aged between four and 14 under the care of five teachers, the school was left stranded after the heavy floods experienced in February left the school in urgent need of rehabilitation especial of ablution facilities in line with health guidelines set for the running of schools.
Caritas Hwange in partnership with Cafod together with the District Civil Protection Unit have been working together since the unfortunate event in a bid to see the school operating functionally again.
Speaking to the ZBC News, the Headmistress for Nsungwale Primary School, Bulongo Jack Muleya narrated the ordeal the school had faced.
“The school was established in 2009 starting with Grade 1 to 3 and it had not been an easy road,” she said.
“After facing temporary closure for failing to have adequate ablution facilities we began receiving support from local trusts trying to make ends meet but our efforts were proved futile by the floods that we experienced in February.
“In February after the floods, we started working with Caritas Hwange, due to the torrential rains received during the floods the plastering of the toilets at the school was affected resulting in the weakening of the structures, thus calling for the rehabilitation of the toilets as we feared their collapse resulting in loss of life.
“The available toilets were not sufficient for the school based on the pupil to squat hole ratio which was at 1:28. The boys were using 4 toilets instead of the recommended 7 and the girls 4 instead of 8 based on the 1:20 recommendation from the sphere standard. The teachers were sharing toilets with the school children.”
More toilets were constructed among other things.
“Ten squat holes were rehabilitated and the handwashing tank and put two taps for the handwashing making the facility suitable for group handwashing. They also worked on the drainage and put a soakaway. The organization constructed six more toilets two for the girls, two for the boys and three for the teachers. One of the toilets for the girls caters for the needs of menstrual hygiene and disabled children and dignity kits were handed over to the district education office and were yet to be handed over to Nsungwale primary as schools had closed due to COVID-19.”
Today, the community eagerly waits for the reopening of schools due to the temporary closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.