Bindura mine disaster: 40 metres of water dewatered

By ZBC Reporter
RESCUE operations continue at Ran mine where scores of miners were trapped underground last week with the rescue team now closer to accessing the bodies.
Safety remains a high priority at Ran mine where a rescue team has been steadily dewatering the mine to reach trapped artisanal miners.
Bindura district development coordinator, Mr. Richard Chipfuwa said the rescue team is closer to assessing whether they can safely enter the mine through other shafts as they have been operating on dangerous ground.
“Dewatering is in progress water levels have significantly gone down. Experts are advising us of continue dewatering for what they are calling level 1 of the mine shaft. However, it is still risky for any kind of rescue operation,” he said.
Families of the trapped miners are still anxious and the civil protection department has been offering psycho-social support.
An unknown number of artisanal miners were trapped underground after a blast in a disused mine shaft.

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