Bindura fresh produce market reopens

By Zbc Reporter
Farmers and traders have welcomed the reopening of the Bindura fresh produce market after 10 days of closure due to the national lockdown.
The fresh produce market in Bindura reopened under the watchful eye of municipal police and ministry of health officials who were strictly enforcing adherence to social distancing regulations to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.
‘…am happy with reopening of the market because my capital was dwindling on consumption and by the time the market reopened after 21 days I would have had nothing left Colin Aquina.
‘This is a good move because it will help us traders and the farmers to survive,’ said Margaret Munetsi
Some farmers who are coming from areas as far as Matepatepa are pleading for longer trading hours given the hustles they go through to get to the market.
‘…..we got only two hours to sell our produce. I had 21 crates of tomatoes and am left with 10 but the transporter wants his money and now I can’t go back with my tomatoes. They will rot so we need more time,’ said Iwell Chapuko
’…our time elapsed for us farmers to sell our produce but look we have all this stork left so we need more trading hours. Now they are not allowing us to sell,’ TakesureMoyo,’ said.
The reopening of the market has come as a huge relief to farmers who were incurring losses with nowhere to sell their produce.