Big breakthrough for EDM, Second Republic

By Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa

Even brighter prospects for organised, principled and resilient people of Zimbabwe to fulfil their hopes and realise their cherished aspirations for wholesome development.

First was Glasgow COP 26 which signalled the beginning of burying the hatchet with Britain, the most aggrieved about the loss of Zimbabwe as its colony.

Even more galling was the land reform which wrestled the primary means of production from a settler-colonial minority to the deserving and historical black majority owners.

Now he is coming from Brussels, the capital of the European Union, It is the headquarters of the world’s largest trading bloc.

It is gladdening to savour that EDM was received with full stretched hands to pomp and circumstance by his European hosts.

Charles Michel, the President of the EU accorded his Zimbabwean counterpart all due accolades as fellow African leaders watched.

There was none of that stigma of a sanctioned pariah state.

Shunted aside were the concerted efforts of the past to keep Zimbabwe out of EU-Africa through denial of visas and keeping us away from discussions.

This trip was the most dramatic indicator that the engagement and re-engagement agenda of President EDM is gathering increasing momentum to a victorious crescendo.

Beyond the pomp were laurels lauded upon Zimbabwe in two domains of stellar national achievements.

Our delegation took part in plenary discussions on the agricultural sector. The rapid recovery of our farming activities is restoring national food security.

At the same time, we breaking back and out to historical and new customers in the global marketplace.

The bold donation of food aid to our neighbour Mozambique under the auspices of the World Food Program is indeed a proud announcement that the subregional bread basket is on its way back to its usual form.

Participation in the peace and security sector is indeed a glowing source of national gratification.

President EDM’s record in this domain speaks of a lifelong engagement as a guerrilla survivor and statesman.

The prompt return to the membership of the AU Peace and Security Organ speaks volumes of our national capacity.

The scourge of coups is stalking west and central Africa. Islamic extremism is rearing terrorism as a weapon to set up intolerant religious caliphates on the mother continent.

Both the EU and AU are fully cognisant of Zimbabwe’s unrivalled capabilities. They want to harvest them to the goal of a peaceful environment conducive to continental development.

The Brussels trip sounds like a death knell to the sanctions and dira jecharist agenda of MDC as it pupates to CCC.

Two decades of anti-people politics at the national and global stage are finally running aground.

Chamisa should be alarmed at the dissonance his message is generating.

CCC shouts lack of democracy, vote-rigging, regime change and sanctions.

On the other hand, the EU-AU platform touts Zimbabwe’s achievements in peace and security, political stability, solid and visionary leadership in President EDM as well a prosperity-laden economic agenda.

Forlorn and increasingly isolated, Chamisa Chete Chete should wake up to the reality that their nihilist and negative agenda is a blind and deaf ride to oblivion.