Beitbridge – West under siege from rodents outbreak

By Innocent Nxumalo

The recent outbreak of rodents in Beitbridge has left communal farmers counting losses.

Farmers in Madzibe communal area of Beitbridge are under siege from ravaging rodents, which are not only attacking crops in the fields but also stored grain.

For farmers, the unusual population of a notorious breed of mice, has left them counting losses.

“We are out of ideas on how we can control these ever-multiplying rodents. This year I quit my field because of these mice,” a local farmer said.

Another noted, “These are so vicious. The damage they cause is shocking. We have nowhere to store our grain because they are causing havoc in our granaries.”

Beitbridge Acting District Agritex Officer, Mrs Cecelia Chakanyuka urged farmers to use natural controlling measures for the rodents.

“We have received worrying reports from wards in Beitbridge-West. We urge farmers to use natural means like bucket water traps. To avoid storage damages, farmers should construct secure granaries with concrete to keep away mice,” she said.

Some of the affected areas are Zezane, Madzibe and Chamnangana.