Beitbridge stakeholders embark on the new Marriages Act sensitisation

By Innocent Nxumalo

Beitbridge stakeholders are embarking on an awareness programme for the new Marriages Act to uplift rural girl child.   

The stakeholders reveal the programme is important in facilitating development.

“We still have many concealed cases of child marriages in the area. It is important that we take this new Act to the villages where such crimes are committed,” noted Beitbridge Junior MP, Ms. Samantha Muleya-Stubbs.

Limpopo ADP Program Manager, Mrs Pretty Dube said, “Surely, we need to change our mindsets when it comes to ways of securing the future of our children. Children are children, not wives.”

Beitbridge-East Member of Parliament Honourable Albert Nguluvhe spoke on the impact of the campaigns in rural communities.

“As we make a push to uphold rights of a girl child, we should equally condemn drug abuse which has destroyed the future of many children here in Beitbridge,” he said.

More resources are also needed to sustain the campaigns, said Honourable Matrinne Mudhawu, Beitbridge Proportional MP.

“People need to understand that concealing or trying to manage as a family a child abuse case can land people behind bars.”

The sensitisation programme is in line with the thrust of a belated Day of the African Child Commemorations.