BEITBRIDGE: Meat vendors accused of fueling stock theft

By Innocent Nxumalo        

THE upsurge in stock theft cases across Matabeleland South has prompted the Beitbridge community to call for a total clamp down of beef street vendors who are on the increase in the border town.

Aggrieved by the increasing stock theft cases that are rampant along border lying areas, livestock farmers have condemned daring beef street vendors who have flooded Beitbridge town.

The Beitbridge community said they fear that their disappearing goats and cattle are channeled to these street vendors who could be an illegal marketing route for stolen livestock.

“You find people selling meat in buckets in town. Not even talking of meat handling standards, our animals are being stolen day in and out and there is no trace,” said one livestock farmer.

Another livestock farmer said, “We ask authorities to put an end to this scourge because it’s so frustrating.”

A community member also complained about the street meat vendors, .”They always come in the evening with buckets with cheap meat, but there is no hygiene in such acts.”

Last week violent clashes occurred between villagers and suspected livestock rustlers in Nhwali and Tuli.