Beitbridge Hospital to be upgraded

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has given green light to the upgrading of Beitbridge hospital, in light of the huge volumes of traffic that pass through the border town.
Between 13 000 to 30 000 people pass through the Beitbridge border post daily, hence the need for the local hospital to provide standard health care services.
The Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr. Obadiah Moyo who was in the border town on Friday revealed that the government will dispatch a team for feasibility studies to get the project underway.
“Given this huge volume of human traffic at this Border, it is imperative that we work on improving health service provision here because this facility is not just a national hospital but a Sub- Sahara health care Center because these people must be assured of good health while in Beitbridge so I will soon dispatch a team from the ministry’s planning department to come and start working on the project.” Dr. Moyo said.
The government’s commitment to the project follows an appeal by the Minister of State for Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs, Abednico Ncube who spoke on the importance of upgrading the health facility.
“In the event of an outbreak of diseases here, there would be a challenge in managing that situation so as a government we must demonstrate our responsibility by sprucing up the local hospital or building a new one altogether so that people are assured of health care support.” Said Ncube
The upgrading of hospitals particularly those at ports of entry is even more important for the country to be able to deal with trans-border disease outbreaks. The world is currently seized with the fight against the recently renamed COVID-19 virus which has killed hundreds of people in China and affected thousands more across the world.