‘Be wary of those bent on advancing the imperial agenda’

By ZBC Reporter

ZANU PF First Secretary Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned party members to guard against agencies advancing the imperialistic agenda.

He was speaking during the Party’s 360th Politburo Session held at the ZANU PF Headquarters in Harare this Saturday morning.

“Meanwhile the political consciousness of every cadre of the Party must be heightened. Let us resolutely guard against Civil Society Organisations and other agencies bent on advancing the neo-colonial and imperial agenda, disguising as voter educators,” he said.

He also called upon party leaders to ensure unity within the lower structures of the party so as to achieve Vision 2030.

“In this regard, the Commissariat Department must take
a lead in the development of robust strategies for a
resounding victory. As leaders at Politburo and Central
Committee level, we must provide leadership by
addressing lower structures, ensuring unity and that
everyone is pulling in one direction which is aimed at
accelerating the achievement of Vision 2030,” he added.

The President emphasised on servant leadership, which according to him will lead to the party’s victory.

“We must answer to the cries of the people and provide leadership guided by our tenets of servant leadership. In this regard, all wings of the Party are exhorted to escalate the mobilisation of our membership to vote for our Party. We will definitely thrash the opposition during the upcoming By-elections and do the same in 2023,said the President.

Turning to developmental issues,Cde Mnangagwa gave reference to National Development Strategy-1 initiatives which have gone a long way in the advancement of the country’s economic turnaround thrust.

“The implementation of high impact, people oriented and broad based empowerment programmes as outlined in the National Development Strategy-1 is well on course.Recently, I had the honour and privilege to commission the Provincial Integrated Youth Skills Development Centres and handed over 600 heifers to over 600 youth selected from across the ten provinces of the country,he said.

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