Bank queues covid-19 hotspots

There are growing fears that long-winding queues at banks and forex remittance outlets could become super spreaders of covid-19 in the country.

A snap survey in Bulawayo this Tuesday revealed worrying incidents of crowding, with many of those in queues disregarding health and safety guidelines such as social distancing and proper wearing of masks.

“I know am putting my life at risk, but there is nothing I can do. I cannot come here and start preaching to a grown up about social distancing,” said one Bulawayo resident.

“We are aware these queues are bound to be a source of spreading this virus,” another added.

“It is very hard to maintain physical and social distancing because we spend almost the whole day in these queues so we are bound to end up being quashed,” still another said.

Another said: “What happens in these queues is that not everyone puts on his or her mask properly and there is no social distancing exposing us to the risk of contracting this deadly virus. It is difficult to tell someone that they are too close to you.”

Complacency among Zimbabweans remains a big challenge in the fight against covid-19 at a time cases continue to rise.

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