Average price of tobacco depicts good quality

By Davison Vandira

THE 2022 Tobacco Marketing season continues with the major highlight being the good quality of the golden leaf which is attracting better prices compared to last season.

It is now a month after the tobacco marketing season kicked off and 45 million kilogrammes have already gone under the hammer, raking in more than US$132 million.

The average price of the golden leaf is US$2.90.

While the good prices have come as sweet music to the farmers, from an operational point of view, growers say there is a need for them to be allowed more access to where their product is being sold.

“I am happy with the way our tobacco is being graded however there are few operational issues that should be rectified, so far so good there is generally good progression however we are worried that our bales are being opened in our absence and it seems our perennial challenge has been dealt with in as far as the pricing of the tobacco is concerned so generally, we are happy,” said a tobacco farmer who spoke to the ZBC news crew.

Good quality tobacco has been the stand out feature of the current marketing season, which has also demonstrated the country’s potential to be a key producer of the golden leaf.