Authorities warn unregistered schools in Beitbridge

By Innocent Nxumalo

AUTHORITIES in the education sector have expressed concern over the increasing number of unregistered learning facilities in the border town of Beitbridge.

The sprouting of unregistered learning facilities in backyards and other unconducive spaces in Beitbridge has become a major source of worry amid concern that standards are being compromised.

Beitbridge District Schools Inspector, Mr Freedom Mbofholoho Muleya, who led a campaign in opposition to unregistered schools this Friday, warned of stern measures against unruly elements.

“Unregistered learning centres are becoming a headache here. Some of these notorious people use family houses and backyard spaces to swindle the unsuspecting public. We will combine forces with law enforcement agencies to descend on them,” said Muleya.

Some parents welcomed the campaign against unregistered learning institutions and further thanked the government for its decisive stance on addressing the concerns of teachers.

“We understand this campaign that such schools are not safe for our children. We will do the right thing. The prolonged teachers’ strike was a reason people ended up sending children to these facilities. But we are grateful to the government for bringing sanity to schools,” they said.

According to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, there are over 20 unregistered learning centres in Beitbridge, exposing pupils to unconducive learning environments.

Last month, the government cracked the whip on unregistered schools and gave them until 31 March to regularise their operations.