As Unity day approaches, Zimbabweans called on to unite

By ZBC Reporter

PEOPLE in the Midlands Province say the Unity Day, celebrated on the 22nd of December every year is a gentle reminder that Zimbabweans should have a shared vision and pull in the same direction for the country to move forward.

December 22, 1987, was the turning point in Zimbabwe’s post-independence history as it marked the forging of an alliance between the country’s major political players, ZANU (PF) and PF ZAPU to form a united ZANU PF.

The historical occasion that was led by the country’s founding fathers, the late President, Robert Mugabe and the late Vice President, Dr Joshua Nkomo signaled a new Zimbabwe that was focused on national development.

ZANU PF Midlands Provincial Commissar, Thompson Dlamini took time to explain the significance of the Unity Day in present-day Zimbabwe.

“The war of liberation was wedged from two different fronts with ZANLA in Mozambique while ZIPRA mainly operated in Zambia. After independence, leaders of the two major players in the fight for independence realised that they were fighting for the same cause being the liberation of this country. This was to be turned into a reality through the 1987 unity accord. The event marked a new beginning for the country where the leaders showed the country that we have one nation called Zimbabwe. We, therefore, need to learn from the gesture by the country’s founding fathers that we are a family as Zimbabweans and no matter our differences we just have one country called Zimbabwe that we should guard jealously,” he said.

Some of the people who spoke to the ZBC News said the country can only move forward if there is unity of purpose.

Mvuma Town Councillor for ward 13, Tremendous Musara urged young people to emulate the works of the country’s founding fathers and have a common vision.

“We have our whole life ahead of us as young people. It’s up to us to build or destroy that which has been created by our fathers through the unity accord. We have leadership in the new dispensation that is reaching out to everyone so that we move forward. Let’s work together for development to take place,” said Musara.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has on several fora called for unity among Zimbabweans as a pre-requisite for development.