Arts Council establishes cultural centres to expand creative industry

By ZBC Reporter

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) is establishing cultural centres in urban areas of Matabeleland south province as part of efforts to grow the creative industry.

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has made significant strides in spearheading construction of cultural villages in rural parts of Matabeleland south, with focus now shifting to urban areas, where a cultural centre is taking shape in Gwanda.

The centre which is being established through support from the community and the municipality of Gwanda will provide artists with a home for rehearsals, holding shows and marketing their products, among other services.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Provincial Manager, Mr Nokuthula Moyo urged stakeholders to support the project for the benefit of the creative industry in the province.

“Artists need a places where they can go and work on their talents, rehearse as well hold shows there. Those who are doing handwork can also go there. So we started this initiative in Gwanda town and we will roll it out to other urban centres,” he says.

Artists in Gwanda have on the other hand organised themselves through the Talent, Innovative, Mentorship Exercise (T.I.M.E ) project whose aim is to coordinate talent identification.

The brains behind the project, Adrian Musa says they are currently using virtual space to network as artists.

“This a platform where we intend to network for relevant smart partnership , where we facilitate training in the management and development of the creative sector . currently we invite guests to our WhatsApp platform , where we discuss pertinent issues that are critical for the growth of the sector in our province,” he says.

Time project has since submitted proposals for funding from culture fund of Zimbabwe trust and other donors which will be key in the implementation of the objectives of the initiative.

Meanwhile, 128 artists in the province have applied for the Covid-19 relief funds availed by government.