Artists mourn Zex Manatsa

By Patience Nyagato

THE arts industry has described the late veteran musician, Zex Manatsa, who succumbed to cancer this Thursday, as a fountain of knowledge and a pre-eminent artist.

With a decorated career spanning decades, the legendary singer and songwriter Zex Manatsa will be remembered for contributing immensely to the arts sector through his artistry which saw him mentoring a number of local musicians, including the late music icon, Oliver Mtukudzi, among others.

Said Bob Nyabinde: “He was easily approachable and he would pass down hid knowledge. If you went into his show you would not come empty handed. He was a fountain of knowledge. His performance was of par excellence and his music was balanced and I wish artists will learn that from him.”

“He contributed a lot and helped a lot of people including the late Mtukudzi, even Thomas Mapfumo, Tinei Chikupo among others and he would offer them instruments. And I remember in 2016 when Mtukudzi was given an award, he offered it to Mdara Manatsa,” said guitarist Clive Mono Mukundu.

National Arts Council Director Nicholas Moyo noted: “He is one of the people who emphasised on the need of being a professional in the sector. His focus was to train people who were in the music industry including start a band at Jairos Jiri and he imparted his knowledge to other people including the Majaivanas, Mapfumo.”

For the new crop of artists, the crooner was a role model who lives a legacy of professionalism and moral steadfastness.

Musician Dereck Mpofu also said: “He was a very humble man who gave advice on how to survive in the industry. One thing he emphasised on was the need to be professional.”

“Being artists is usually associated with promiscuity, but one of the things he always told us was to be faithful and be family people,” said musician Agga Nyabinde.

His legacy will live on as his sons, including Tendai, who is a renowned guitarist actively involved in the music industry

Mourners are gathered at 3564 Westminister, Sentosa, Mabelreign in Harare.