Artisanal miners get Covid-19 vaccination at mobile sites

By Abigirl Tembo

AS part of ensuring no one is left behind in the Covid-19 vaccination programme, the Ministry of Health and Child Care is availing the exercise to the nomadic artisanal miners through mobile vaccination sites.
Tickerhead: Covid-19 vaccination programme on course

In search of gold, many have come to these hills and mountains thereby missing out on important health care services which include Covid-19 vaccination but the ministry of health and child care has made it its mission to track down these people.

Navigating the difficult terrain of Pfungwe in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe District, the Ministry of Health and Child Care land cruiser searches for the makeshift camp of artisanal miners and vendors who are looking for the yellow metal.

“These people are nomadic by nurture and because they cannot come to us we then go to them so that they are also protected from this virus.”

One by one they temporarily abandon their digging and panning to come and receive the first jab of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“The nearest clinic is very far away from here and we don’t have the time to go there so we really appreciate the nurses coming here to give us the vaccine.”

“Covid is really and it’s out there but then we don’t have the time to go to the clinic so am happy to have gotten my first injection today.”

From the interactions done here many are aware of the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine but because of their busy schedules they cannot travel to the nearest health care facility but thanks to the ministry of health and child care services, many got their first dose.

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