Arcadia Mine a lucrative asset in lithium industry

By ZBC Reporter

Zimbabwe’s Arcadia Lithium Mine is set to become a large-scale lithium asset in the world after the release of the latest feasibility study. 

Prospect Resources Zimbabwe Executive Mr Paul Chimbodza outlined the results of the latest feasibility study which classified Zimbabwe’s Arcadia Mine as a lucrative asset in the fast-growing global lithium industry.

We have got a scenario where we can start to produce at least 1.2 million tonnes of the product but another scenario is where we can start by producing 2.4 million tonnes of the product annually according to the results of the optimised feasibility study, “he said.

The study also indicates the mine’s life span of close to 20 years with an annual profit after tax of at least 170 million United States Dollars.

The unfolding Arcadia Lithium Mine is another mining project which is blossoming, thanks to the friendly and pro-businesses economic policies of the Second Republic which continue to attract international capital.