Ambassadors support Zim’s environmental stewardship programme

By Peter Chivhima

DIPLOMATS accredited to Zimbabwe have embarked on Environmental Diplomacy after pledging to help Zimbabweans in environmental stewardship.

Zimbabwe is a friend to all and enemy to none and the evidence was there for all to see when diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe joined the nation in cleaning the environment at the busy Mbare market.

The event was organised by the Kenyan embassy in honour of the late Kenyan Environmental advocacy icon, the late Professor Wangari Maathai.

Kenyan Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Her Excellency Stella Munyi said the initiative is evidence of her country’s support to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s clean up initiative.

“Our participation in the cleanup exercise here is also a manifestation of our support to the call by his Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the national clean up.

“We are therefore partners with the government of Zimbabwe in this clarion call on the other of cleaning up our environments. I also call on other organizations and institutions of the like-minded to support such initiatives,” she said.

The initiative has also charmed other diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe who were part of the clean-up exercise.

“We are encouraged by what the Kenyan embassy has done and we are going to look at how we can also come in helping Zimbabwe,” said His Excellency Alexander Grant Ntrakwa, the Ghanaian Ambassador to Zimbabwe..

“The issue of protecting the environment is a good thing so as Japan we will see how we are going to cooperate Zimbabwe in Environmental Diplomacy. We have been cooperating in various sectors,” said His Excellency Tanaka Satoshi (Japanese Ambassador to Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe and Malawi is one nation and its only borders which separates us. So the initiative taken by Kenya has opened our eyes as such we are going to work together in protecting our environment,” said His Excellency Mwayiwawo Polepole, Republic of Malawi Ambassador to Zimbabwe.

The Kenyan top envoy also took the opportunity to invite Zimbabwe to the upcoming United Nations Oceans Conference to be co-hosted by the Government of Kenya and Portugal in Lisbon from the 27th of June to the 1st of July this year.

Guest of Honor and the Harare Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Senator Oliver Chidau applauded the positive collaboration between African countries in solving common challenges.

“I am particularly reminded by the words of His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyata in November 2021 during a state visit to South Africa when he remarked that borders that we have must be removed if we are to progress. His words buttress the oneness,” said Senator Chidawu.

Other diplomats who attended the event include those from Nigeria, South Africa Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt and Algeria.