Amazulu Football Club to launch trust fund for former players

By Sibongumusa Dhlodhlo

FORMER Premiership side, Amazulu have set up a trust to assist their former players set up business ventures.

With a number of former football players reported to have died as paupers, former Amazulu Team Manager, Felix Matsika revealed that the club’s board was currently in the process of coming up with a trust to empower their ex-players by way of funding their projects through a million-dollar revolving fund.

“We are going to put up a trust wherein after Amazulu is gone, people will still get something and they will still know that there was Amazulu. What is happening is that the trust will work in making sure that players do not die as paupers. We have seen people dying not knowing what is happening but us as Amazulu, we are very good in starting these things, he said.

He further revealed that the plan has been in motion for the last two years, noting that the launch was originally set for August but had been delayed owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the prospects of Usuthu bouncing back to football action, Matsika stated that the likelihood of such an occurrence was looking bleak if the environment in the sport remains the same.

“Well, if the Sabbath is moved and Christ comes and changes it then it will be ok. But coming back to football with the Sabbath not being recognised then we won’t come back,” said Matsika.

A number of celebrated high profile players showcased their prowess with the Gold and Black side, with the likes of Nqobizitha Maenzanise ‘Humpty,’ Esrom Nyandoro, Ronald ‘Gidiza’ Sibanda, Vusa Nyoni ‘Sgcebhe,’ Ferdinand Mwachindalo and Herbet Dick topping that list.

Usuthu as they were affectionately known,  went out of the top flight in 2005, owing to their stance of not willing to play on the Sabbath day.