Almost 2 000 people arrested for operating businesses, public drinking and other corona related offences

By ZbcReporter
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has arrested 1,918 people for committing offences ranging from illegal operation of business, public drinking, illegal gatherings across the country since the beginning of the lockdown.
National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi says they have intensified operations to maintain law and order to curb the spread of covid 19.
“ Our operations are continuing and we encourage people to stay at home. We will continue to enforce the law and people must avoid unnecessary movements. There had been a general compliance from most people but there are some bad apples. We are warning those who are drinking in public and those who are having parties and other illegal gatherings that we will not hesitate to arrest you.
We have arrested 106 people for unnecessary movements, 39 people for illegal gatherings, 47 arrested for illegally operating businesses while 22 others were arrested for liquor related offenses.”
Zimbabwe began a 21-day nationwide lockdown last Monday. So far rgw country has recorded nine cases of COVID-19 including one death.
The three-week lockdown is part efforts to fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) after the disease left one person dead and infected eight others.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared a 21-day “total” lockdown from Monday last week curtailing movement within the country, shutting most shops and suspending flights in and out of Zimbabwe.
Police mounted checkpoints on routes leading to Harare’s central business district, stopping cars and turning away pedestrians who had no authorisation to be in the area.