Allocate resources towards research: President

By ZBC Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged the private sector to allocate resources towards strengthening research and development across all sectors of the economy to pave way for industrial growth.

He said this at the official opening of Chinhoyi University of Technology’s projects which coincided with the University’s inaugural virtual graduation ceremony.

“I call upon private sectors entities to deliberately allocate resources towards strengthening research and development across all sectors of the economy.

“Meanwhile, I commend the synergies which exist between institutions of higher learning, with regards to new innovations, some of which have led to the successes we are witnessing today. I exhort industry and commerce to create closer backward and forward linkages with our institutions of higher learning to leapfrog our development through purposeful research,” he said.

The President said academic research papers must speak to the needs of industry and commerce.

“Academic research, theses and dissertations must now speak to the needs of industry and should even be motivated by industry and commerce to improve specific situations in our economy. Gone are the days where research papers are merely to beautify our libraries.

“Hence, at the advent of my administration, as a listening president, I prioritised dialogue with the leadership within this important sector. Thereupon, we collectively built consensus around our national aspiration of modernising and industrialising our economy, towards the attainment of Vision 2030. Thus, my government declared education 5.0 as the building block for achieving this objective. Since then, we have witnessed the establishment of Innovation hubs and constructions of industrial Parks wi9thin our Institutions of Higher learning,” he added.

“The completion of Gem-plasm Laboratory Innovation and the Business Incubation Hub and the commencement of construction works for the Agro-industrial Park is a clear demonstration of the clarity of CUT with regards its role in the national development agenda.

“I, therefore, congratulate you on your focus, fortitude and commitment which led to the realisation of these achievements. I also challenge you to ensure that the country draws maximum dividend from these three interconnected projects. You must utilise this infrastructure to deliver tangible products which answer the day to day socio-economic and industrial needs of our society.

“The Germ-plasm laboratory will enable the institution to offer diagnostic service to improve the quality of beef and dairy cattle genetics.

“In line with the National Livestock Growth Strategy and Agricultural Recovery Plan, this innovation will impact the rebuilding of our livestock herd and the ongoing efforts to resuscitate and grow the dairy farming sub-sector,” he said.

President Mnangagwa commended the involvement of both communal and commercial farming communities in the University’s National Cattle Restocking Programme.