Air Force of Zimbabwe vows to play a key role in economic development

By ZBC Reporter

A peaceful and tranquil environment has been identified as a key enabler to the country’s quest to attain an upper middle income economy by 2030.

Delivering a lecture at the Zimbabwe National Defence University to students of National Defence Course Number 10 this Thursday, Commander Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) Air Marshal Elson Moyo noted the importance of peace and stability for Vision 2030 to be realised.

“Peace and tranquility are the key prerequisites for the success of Vision 2030. A peaceful and stable security environment is also key for attracting much needed foreign capital and other forms of investment. The AFZ in collaboration with sister security services, is mandated with ensuring peace and stability in the country. Vision 2030 also provides for regional economic cooperation and to that end we form an integral part of SADC and the African Union’s security architecture. AFZ plays also plays a part in national economic activity. We are involved in agricultural activities such as Cattle ranching, horticulture and maize production in our farms,” he said.

The platform was also an opportunity for the Commander AFZ to highlight the positive developments taking place in the force through the hard work of men and women in the Research and Development Directorate.

“Today the AFZ has the capacity to repair our equipment and also develop own systems using local expertise,” he added.

The AFZ boss also underscored the need to continuously capacitate personnel through training as part of upgrading skills for members of the organisation.