Agric transformation pays dividends for Mberengwa farmers

The agriculture transformation initiative has a potential of uplifting the living standards of rural people in line with vision 2030 if stories by Mberengwa farmers are anything to go by.

Trough the agriculture transformation resolve, the government aims to maximise production, increase food security and transform farming into a viable business.

For many, the initiative may seem to be a far-fetched dream, but for Mberengwa farmers, farming has uplifted their standards of living setting the ball rolling towards the envisaged upper middle-income economy.

“Farmers’ irrigation helped us immensely. We came here with little. As for me, I was able to build a home and buy household property, just like what my peers in town have.

“I am well able to pay school fees for my children without any challenges. We bought cattle, while others were married using profits from the fields, proof that there is wealth in the soil,” said one farmer.

With proper capacitation and staff development of extension work, dryland farmers have potential to receive good yields.

Government has earmarked a number of schemes for rehabilitation, with Midlands AGRITEX officer Madeline Magwenzi saying they have identified schemes that require assistance.

“We have identified some of the schemes to be assisted, but what we have seen here at Chimwe Irrigation also presents us with an opportunity to have a re-look in view of the potential demonstrated by the farmers,” said Magwenzi.

Government has earmarked agriculture and mining as key drivers of the economy meant to move the country to an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

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