Africa’s democratic principles hailed

Africa’s democratic principles hailed

By Tendai Munengwa

THE president of the Pan African Parliament (PAP), Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira says Africa has strong democratic principles which ensure accountability and respect for the will of the people without being lectured by the West.

This Monday, Senator Charumbira provoked the PAP Committee on Corporations, International Relations, and Conflicts Resolution and members of African Governance Architect to deliberate on the true African values which drive the continent.

“I will give the Mauritania so-called coup in 2007 as an example, when the late former Libyan President who was then AU President flew to Mauritania. On arrival, he was welcomed by a sea of people in jubilation and supporting the military intervention. President Muammar Gaddafi had nothing to negotiate, but to say that he stands with the people.

“So, the African values to respect the will of the people prevailed in what was termed a coup. Then the Burkina Faso 2014 when Parliament passed a bill to extend the presidential term of office without consulting the people,” he said.

The Chairman of Corporations, International Relations and Conflict Resolutions Committee Sherif El Gabaly noted that Africa has come of age in terms of democracy.

“Yes, Africa we are doing well in line with democratic principles. On the issue of coup de ta’s, this is subject to debate in our meeting with the African Governance Architecture,” he said.

The Kenya election dispute was also highlighted as a case in point where some African leaders have failed to respect the will of the people in line with African values.