‘Africa must look inwards for solutions’

By Justin Mahlahla

AFRICA will only grow stronger with increased collaboration and home-grown solutions to the continent’s challenges.

This came out during ZBC News’ Online programme “Inside Out”, where Tanzanian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Professor Emmanuel Mbennah and the Chairman of the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Friendship Association, Mr Dave Popatlal stressed the need for Africa to utilise its vast natural resources to spur socio-economic development.

Professor said Africa’s vast natural resources are the continent’s panacea to challenges such as food insecurity.

“Working together is key. Sometimes we wait for too long for help to come from somewhere and yet we have the resources, the human, technical, even natural resources that will help us develop home-grown solutions to these issues. We need to be able to work together. I think we just need to cultivate a certain level of confidence because we are well able to develop home-grown solutions to some of these pandemics,” he said.

The Chairman of the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Friendship Association, Mr Dave Popatlal, called for regional intervention to end terrorism and other modern threats to peace and security on the continent.

He specifically referred to the incursions in Mozambique targetting the gas fields in the area near the border with Tanzania.

“Just because of the discovery of petrol and gas at the area near the border with Tanzania, we must put immediately and without delay, decisively, our forces on alert to eliminate completely that infiltration and destabilisation.

“The whole objective of the enemy in our country is to destabilise the region and Zimbabwe through violence so that we don’t achieve the goals which our Presidents have designed,” said Mr Popatlal.

He expressed concern over the xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans in South Africa, saying the country’s citizens must be educated about the oneness of Africa.

A growing continent which is fast becoming a global economic powerhouse, Africa is this month celebrating its founding values and identity, but it is saddled by a number of challenges that include terrorism, food shortages and global pandemics among others.

The general agreement is that only through unity and a common purpose will Africa emerge stronger to transform the lives of its people.