Advocate Mudenda in Nigeria for CoSAP meeting

By ZBC Reporter
THE Speaker of Parliament Hon Advocate Jacob Mudenda is in Nigeria where he is attending the inagural Conference of Speakers and Heads of African Parliaments, (CoSAP)in Abuja Nigeria.
The CoSAP idea was mooted in 2020 with a mandate to facilitate increased deliberation, collaboration and cooperation between Speakers, Heads of Parliaments and National Assemblies across Africa.
The Conference is running under the overarching theme, “Enhancing Africa’s Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery Through Parliamentary Leadership”.
Aptly titled in the wake of the debilitating effects of Covid-19 that ground the world to a halt, parliaments worldwide are expected to take a leading role in the recovery agenda of their nations, the task is more pertinent on Africa whose economies took a severe knock from the effects of the scourge.
Advocate Mudenda has also been requested to be part of the Plenary session on ” Investing in Human Capital Development: Legislative Priorities in the Covid-19 Era”.
Some of the topics which will be tackled include ‘ Africas debt trap, implications, imperatives and impact in the Covid-19 Era’, as well as ‘National budgeting and effective Legislative Oversight in the Covid-19 era’.
The Conference is going to be officially opened by the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari. The overall agenda of the programme revolves around the need for Speakers and Heads of Parliaments across Africa to collectively address challenges, devise joint solutions and mobilise collective action to advance Africa’s growth stability and development.
Following the launch of CoSAP, the founding members initiated the African Speakers Debt cancellation campaign initiative (DCCI), and advocacy birthed as a means of establishing a cohesive Pan-African parliamentary voice to support the Global campaigns advocating for Africa’s debt cancellation in light of the debilitating effects of the Covid-19 scourge on African economies.