Achievements of 2nd Republic there for all to see: President

By Josephine Mugiyo Diplomatic Correspondent
THE second republic has taken a deliberate stance to improve people’s livelihoods with various developmental projects being implemented around the country.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa says building a sound road infrastructure and ensuring food security is among the major issues the government continues to pursue.
From road rehabilitation to dam construction, several major projects are being implemented countrywide as the vision of the second republic unfolds.
President Mnangagwa, who was speaking at State House in Harare this Thursday, says the achievements of the second republic are in the public domain for everyone to see.
“We have a vision and it’s unfolding and the public is able to see what we are doing. We are implementing this vision at the pace at which we have capacity to finance it. But if our financial muscle improves, the pace with which we implement shall be more rapid, but at least we have implemented what we have said,” explained the President.
Food security is key for Zimbabwe and President Mnangagwa’s government has put in place various interventions to ensure this is achieved.
The President noted that ensuring a certain hectarage goes under irrigation is among key measures that will see the country becoming food secure.
“We know that it is necessary that we address the question of food security that is why we have a program on mechanization and modernization of Agriculture as well as dams as we create enough water bodies for purposes of having irrigation. We put under irrigation a certain number of hectares that’s guarantee the country food security whether there is drought or not,” said President Mnangagwa.
The President also spoke about the importance of facilitating trade between Zimbabwe and other countries through a good road network.
“As infrastructure grows it is necessary to facilitate the movement of trade and that is why we are building roads and bridges. If we do not have good roads we will be avoided by the region,” he added.
In the Education sector, President Mnangagwa indicated that a list of 3 000 schools to be built was submitted to cabinet, with funding now being mobilised.

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