Academia and business community key in shaping government policy

By Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says the academia and business community are key in shaping government policy as the country battles restrictive measures which have derailed economic growth.

He was speaking at the inaugural Zimbabwe Economic Development Conference in Victoria Falls this Friday.

The Second Republic has put emphasis on maximising value chains in the county’s natural resources across various sectors including mining, agriculture and tourism.

In light of the various challenges caused by western influences, the academia and other relevant stakeholders are key in shaping government policy through their analysis of Zimbabwe’s economic landscape as enunciated by President Mnangagwa when he officiated at the Zimbabwe Economic Development Conference in Victoria Falls this Friday.

“As a result of sanctions, government is having to eat what we kill, drawing from our own internal resources. Reliable evidence as an input for policy development is therefore imperative for high quality decision making towards the prudent allocation of resources and improvement of service delivery and other public goods. The benefits of well-informed decision-making processes are indeed immense and include increased capacity for effective policy design, effective programme implementation and better monitoring of performance among others,” he noted.

While academics play their part, this should be in conjunction with other key stakeholders.

“You see, academics are a critical part of the economy. We also have here practitioners who draft policies. We also have some comrades who find loopholes in those policies,” said the President.

In every generation there must be a breed that champions economic development and the onus is upon the present generation to better the country’s economy said the President.

“At any one time in the course of every nation, society puts its daughters and sons to captain the ship of the country and there you are, hope you will be remembered for being resolute.”

The inaugural Zimbabwe Economic Development Conference brought together local and foreign business minds who deliberated on strategies to better the country’s economy.