Palestine condemns shooting of journalist, Sherin Abu Aqla

PALESTINE has condemned the shooting this Wednesday morning of Aljazeera news channel journalist, Sherin Abu Aqla. In a statement, the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Harare said the Israeli occupation army deliberately assassinated the journalist.

“This morning the apartheid Israeli occupation army deliberately assassinated in cold blood, Sherin Abu Aqla, the Palestinian Aljazeera  News Television Channel Correspondent, who was in a refugee camp in Jenin.

“The heinous crime against journalists is a systematic Israeli attempt to silence the voice of truth and to cover up the crimes of its occupation against  Palestinian people in order to isolate them from the rest of the world,” read part of the statement.

Palestine noted that the silence from the international community gives Israel the ammunition to continue with crimes against the Palestinian people.

“The international community silence towards the crimes committed against the Palestinian people by apartheid Israeli occupation encourages Israel to continue its violence against, journalists, health personnel and the Palestine people in general.

“Embassy of the State of Palestine therefore call on the Media organisations, journalists, civil society and governments to raise their voice and condemn these crimes,” said the statement.

Before shooting Sherin Abu Aqla in the head, the Israeli snipers shot Ali Al-Sammoudi, the producer of Aljazeera news channel in Palestine with intention of shot to kill despite them wearing clearly marked press helmets and jackets.

At the scene of the incident, there were no demonstrations or armed people. The Israeli occupation army prevented any medical assistance by continuous shooting at other journalists or paramedic trying to assist in saving the life of Sherin Abu Aqla, who was later taken to the hospital in a civilian vehicle already dead.

Palestine has also called on the International Criminal Court to take urgent action to investigate the Israeli crimes and bring the perpetrators   to book as an important measure towards the ending of the Israeli apartheid occupation of Palestine.