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Youths challenged to be agents of development

Story by Owen Mandovha

YOUTHS’ role in spearheading the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to national economic development as well as advancing the Africa Union’s Agenda 263 was underlined at the International Volunteer Day commemorations held in Harare this Thursday.

The International Youth Day commemorations in Harare were an ideal opportunity to encourage youths to dedicate their time to helping communities they live in and countries develop.

UN Resident Coordinator, Mr Edward Kallon who himself started his career as a volunteer, reminded the youths that they are the engine of future national economic growth and drivers of sustainable global development.

“In my UN career I started as a volunteer so be reminded that what you are doing is a great job in spearheading not only your country’s goals but those developed by the UN,” he said.

Permanent Secretary in the Office of President and Cabinet, Mr Albert Chikondo said government recognises the important role youths are going to play towards the attainment of the country’s vision 2030.

“It is very important to note that Youths are the biggest block of the national population and hence are essential in the country’s development hence Government has put in place programs to empower the youths in various sectors of the economy including in agriculture, construction, and other sectors. The government will continue to support the youths so that they can fully realise their potential.”

The youths were encouraged to fully realise their potential and leave an indelible mark on their work as they represent over 60 percent of the national population.

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