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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Palestine war claims Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe’s mother

Story by Farai Gwaze

THE ongoing Israeli-Palestine war has claimed more than 16 000 Palestinians, including more than 4 000 children, with the latest attacks on Tuesday claiming the mother of the Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Tamer Almasri.

The attacks on the Gaza Strip by Israel have also targeted refugee camps, hospitals, and places of worship, thereby paralysing places where displaced people can get assistance.

In an interview with ZBC News in Harare this Wednesday, Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Tamer Almasri described the ongoing attacks on his motherland as clear genocide supported by Western and colonial powers.

“I will not call it a war, because it is a full-on genocide. It is an Israeli genocide supported by the Americans and the British with some Colonial powers. The Israelis don’t do any crime without clearance, permission, and full support from the Americans and the British government,” he said.

“I lost my mother yesterday by an Israeli airstrike, my mother was here in Zimbabwe and she is familiar with some of our comrades and friends and the government and the political party ZANU-PF, our friends our greatest friends. The Israeli apartheid regime targets our civilians, our children, and our woman. Until now we have 16,000 Palestinians were killed, 75% of them are women and the children, and now my mother is one of them.

“We have almost 7,000 Palestinians missing under the rubble. The Israeli apartheid estate attacked our infrastructure, hospitals, schools, universities, roads, churches, libraries, and most homes and we have no reply. Unfortunately, nowadays the most dangerous areas are the hospitals, churches, mosques, and clinics, because if you are close or if you live close to any one of them, they attack you because they want to end life in the Gaza Strip. As they prevented food, through an embargo there is no food, no electricity, no water, no medicine nothing!”

Global progressive forces have called for a ceasefire and an end to attacks on the Gaza Strip, where Israel has blocked the entry of humanitarian aid, including water, fuel, and food.

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