52-year old arrested for vandalising base station

A 52-year-old Bindura man has been charged with assault, malicious damage to property and theft following a heist that saw him allegedly vandalizing a mobile network’s base station to steal batteries, diesel and other valuables.

Yuwadi Phiri, who was allegedly subjected to mob justice after a failed attempt to escape a robbery scene, has since been remanded in custody to the 16th of February.

Prosecutor Edward Katsvairo told the court that sometime late last year, Phiri and four accomplices, who are still at large, allegedly broke into a mobile network’s base station in Bindura’s Masembura village, where they assaulted a security guard and stole eight 12-volt rectifier batteries, a 22-volt battery 330 litres of diesel and cash, among other valuables.

The security guard is said to have managed to alert villagers who blocked all escape routes, leading to the accused’s arrest.

Stolen goods were recovered inside a getaway vehicle.

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