455 guns and 260 rounds of ammunition voluntarily surrendered

By Peter Chivhima

Police say 455 guns and 260 rounds of ammunition had been voluntarily surrendered as of the 19th of September since the pronouncement of the Presidential amnesty on firearms early last month.

Recently, armed robbers held workers hostage at Fidelity House in Bulawayo, barely three days after CBZ Bank in the same city lost more US$80 000 in a cash heist.

A gang of five armed robbers pounced on an Mt Pleasant family in Harare early Sunday morning and got away with a Toyota GD6 Fortuner and more than US$56 000 cash.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa pronounced the firearms amnesty after the nation witnessed a spike in armed robbery cases, with Harare and Bulawayo being the main targets.

The window period to surrender unlicenced firearms is open until the 30th of September.