32 Air Force of Zimbabwe Officers promoted

By ZBC Reporter

The Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence forces President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promoted 17 Squadron Leaders to the rank of Wing Commanders and 15 Flight Lieutenants to Squadron Leaders.

In a speech on behalf of Air Force Commander Air Marshall Elson Moyo, Chief of Staff Operations, Air Vice Marshall Biltim Chingono implored the newly promoted officers to apply their skills in the development of the country.

 “It is also an encouragement for you to continue to excel and strive for the next level. I know that through the requisite staff development training you have been equipped with essential knowledge and skills to positively contribute to the growth of the organization and the country at large,” he said.

The newly-promoted officers pledged their loyalty and allegiance to safeguard the gains of the country’s hard-won independence by protecting the legacy of the liberation struggle.

Among the newly promoted members are Wing Commander James Chingono, Wing Commander Dominic Ncube, Squadron Leader Ennie Jombo and Squadron Leader Tarsiana Machekabuwe.

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