30 000 new voters registered in a week

By Wellington Makonese

The biometric voter registration exercise is progressing well at various centres across the country, with almost 30 000 people having been registered within a week.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission ( ZEC) spokesperson, Commissioner Jasper Mangwana confirmed that theg processed 29 620 new registrants in the past week.

“We have witnessed an upward trajector. In the first phase, we recorded 12675 prospective registrants in a week, whereas phase two we recorded 29 620, which is an increase of 134%. What we have seen is that the awareness programmes have helped in increasing the numbers Thanks to government’s ID blitz as well for this,” Commissioner Mangwana said.

Information dissemination on the pending boundary delimitation programme has also come in handy although there is concern over low female registrants.

“We are glad that information on delimitation has been spreading and its working. People now know that’s how they are going to be included. However, there are now more men than women, despite the ratio.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is conducting mobile registration across the country to give every Zimbabwean an opportunity to register before the boundary delimitation exercise.

The current phase of the biometric voter registration exercise will be conducted until the 30th of this month.

The boundary delimitation exercise which is conducted after every decade is guided by the need to strike a balance in voting strength within constituencies through apportioning number of voters.